Event production

Event Production
Are you organizing an event?
We are a full-service event organizer that will make everything ready for you.
Rich in ideas, our team is there to take with steel in a professional manner in all kinds of corporate-,and client events.

Meetings, charter cruises, sales meetings, kick-offs, fishing trip, summer days, promotional opportunities, event production, recreation of staff, weddings, bachelor or birthday parties, a taxi boat - or whatever else you need, you've come to the right place!
Throughout the 12 years of experience, we have fulfilled a number of unique wishes and events. Long experience has brought versatility in what we do, so we produce events for any type of occasion, and always tend to preview the production in the view of the customer and their needs.

Our goal is to
make things as easy as possible so you can focus on your own act. A strong partner network built over the years, enables us to produce even large events with experience and reliability.

 Turku, Helsinki tai Levi nämä ovat pääpaikkamme , mutta  tapahtumia olemme rakentaneet yli rajojen.

For each event we always have something new that exceeds your expectations in a special way. The basic organization is small, but at the same time it makes us a very fast-moving and competitive. Turku, Helsinki, and Levi, are our headquarteres, but we have built events even over the borders.

Welcome to our events!

Best regards,
Kimmo and Heidi

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