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Edellä mainitut vain muutamia esimerkkejä tekemistämme seikkailuista, kysy lisää myyntipalvelustamme!
 Unique experiences are at the reach of your hand, Welcome!

Over the years, we have carried out event the most peculiar dreams. Even just a trip on the sea in December, on the world's most beautiful archipelago is something most Finns have never experienced.

Late fall archipelago is a completely different world from that of a summer island. If we are lucky, we'll be there just when the bays begin to freeze. We can stay at the foot of Isokari lighthouse and enjoy dinner. Another option is a late fall sailing on schooner Lokki, the salon atmosphere of the November evening is unforgettable.

Sporty group can be taken by snowmobiles in Lapland's Levi even to the Arctic Ocean. Experience can only be a high class villa and its lakeside sauna's soft heat. Or will this year's management meeting take place in St. Petersburg in Russia? Or maybe and unforgettable company event within or next to a castle in Tallinn, Estonia? Or an icebreaker trip in an archipelago including a survival swim in the icy sea?

For fishermen our options are endless; Helicopter to pristine mountain lakes to fishing for arctic char, or the Åland archipelago in hunt for the big pike.

These events are something different, leaving a perpetual memory of sensations on one's mind. Do you want to reward your best employees with a trip to this kind of adventures in Finland?
The above-mentioned just a few examples of our adventures, ask our sales department for more information!
Unique experiences are at your fingertips, we welcome you!

Kimmo Hotanen
Adventure correspondant