Galley Olga

We offer tailor made cruises for companies, organizations, and private clients from as early as May until the late autumn.
The crew of the 120-year-old Old Lady Olga's welcomes you. Olga takes the sailors to a fascinating journey in the Turku archipelago to enjoy the spectacular views and introduces the tradition of the secrets of sailing. Our guests can take part in the sails lifting and lowering, which is certainly a memorable and uplifting experience of team spirit. Beautiful seascapes push your worries behind, even if you just sit on the deck of the ship. Be surprised by the silence of sailing and speedy, soundless moving. Olga's a professional and experienced crew, as well as a high-quality and friendly service, has received plenty of thanks from our customers.

The fresh ocean climate may get the crew and guests hungry and which is why we have a ship-cook treating us with delicious meals even for the most demanding tastes. You can subscribe a menu of your desire in advance.

In the middle of all this there is also a chance to host a meeting under the deck, indoors. There is a modern sound system and video projector screen at your disposal. On longer cruises we have an opportunity to stop and enjoy sauna and sea-style dinners on nearby islands.

The oldest sailing schooner of the Nordic countries, Olga, has been the scene for a number of successful customer events, and cruises. The schooner Olga's a professional and experienced crew to ensure a favorable and a safe cruise. Complete life jackets and sailing equipment may be found on the ship. 

We have also organized a number of Christmas parties and brunches just attached to the dock. The schooner Olga creates a cozy and comfortable setting for a comfortable get-together and if our ordered troubadour  plays in the background the experience is sure to be unforgettable! Moving on to the city's nightlife is just a stone's throw away.

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