History of Olga

It was 1885, when one of the Swedish Shipowners' Pyhtää Stråkon, Mr. AB Frondén, was proudly eyeing the ship being finalized for the market. The next day at launching, the ship should be named Olga, and it would definitely fit the shape of this beauty. Even though Olga was a popular name of for a ship, this Olga was different.
From the beginning of the century, till at least 1921, Olga's main owner  was marked to be Gustav Fredrik Johansson from Porvoo. 1922 Olga remains in Porvoo, but now is owned by Oskar Karlsson. From 1924 till 1934, the Finnish merchant fleet’s registered owner was Emil Nordström from Porvoo, as well.  Later in the 1930’s skipper Albin Röblom chartered  things such as limestone, timber and sugar beet with the yacht he now owned. Due to a measurement book the vessel was, at some point, was changed to a "motorjaktiksi" or more distinctively mechanically propelled galleass. 

At the bottom of the sea

Immediately after the war in Finland came to an end, when the rest of the world was still fighting, the Soviet Union ordered the wooden galleasses in the state forced conflicts. The Russians wanted to wooden vessels military transport to Estonia because of the minethreat. Olga was not given to the possession of the neighboring country, but rather was decided to sink for the time of the risk period. In 1968, Harry Åhlfors Olga bought  Olga as his leisure yacht. 11 years later, Seppo Rantala purchased Olga to Uusi Kaupunki. 

Restoration begins

The vessel damaged deterioration of leakage was coated by glass fiber laminates and the rigging was torn down in 1985. Despite its 100 years of age, the vessel looked great and its external appearance remained unchanged. In December 1999, Olga’s ownership changed to Old Uki, a joint stock company. At the same time steps were taken to make Olga seaworthy again. This required the main engine’s renewal and rigging. The work was completed in the autumn of 2000 and the end result is certainly very close to the original. 

Today, more than 120 years old m / aux Olga is in wonderful condition. Each person sailing on Olga may be assured an indelible memory, which can only be experienced. Take your group and come experience the genuine old-fashioned sailing ship and a seacruise. 

On Olga you can choose to participate in the sailing by yourself with the  skilled crew. Below the deck you will enjoy a delicious meal at the salon with friends, unwind and listen to the quiet sounds of the sailing vessel in the living quarters, or instead of fresh sea air in exchange for sweat in Olga's lyric sauna.
History of Olga
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